Assistive Technology Explained

Assistive technology, every now and then known as Adaptive Technology, includes devices or device used to maintain, boom or enhance the competencies of individuals with disabilities. It is essential to realize that assistive generation is NOT most effective computer programs or digital gadgets. Since many human beings think of computer systems whilst deliberating technology, that is a not unusual mistake. Assistive generation doesn’t must be excessive-tech, but it have to serve the purpose of “help” and might encompass anything from a stick one uses to attain for some thing to a walker or a wheelchair, or extra complex gadgets inclusive of environmental controls or adapted vehicles.

This way that assistive generation has existed for the reason that first homo sapiens picked up a department to help himself over difficult terrain. Sophisticated types of assistive generation date lower back for centuries as well, as the 6th century noticed an photograph of a wheelchair being carved in stone on a Chinese sarcophagus. Today, assistive era is to be had to support many not unusual disabilities. For instance assistive era may also:

  • Provide help with conversation, consisting of speech, writing and typing aids
  • Help human beings with problem accessing a laptop with the standard keyboard and mouse. They consist of software program applications inclusive of a display screen reader or on-display keyboard and hardware, along with a head operated mouse.
  • Provide sporting activities that stimulate train and determine cognitive functioning.
  • Assist with every day residing along with cooking, dressing, toileting, bathing, ingesting
  • Provide help with listening to or visual limitations together with flashing mild gadget for the doorbell, listening to aids and closed caption decoders for TV.
  • Provide help with mobility along with wheelchairs, walkers and canes.
  • Help with lacking or disabled limbs together with synthetic limbs, braces, helps
  • Allow disabled individuals to take part in sporting or enjoyment activities.
  • Support the muscular-skeletal systems and preserve positions needed to perform desired sports, such as moulded seats, lumbar supports, and modifications to wheelchairs might fall into this class.
  • Improve access to print substances consisting of Braille devices and translators, and massive button phones.

If you’re a disabled individual or a disabled person, perhaps you’ve got some thoughts about assistive era. Perhaps you already know of a groovy disability product or you’ve got some thoughts approximately what you would love to see.

A new website has been created at http://www.NewDisability.Com which is meant to be a platform for conversation between the disabled community and the assistive technology industry. There is a discussion board in which you can explicit your remarks approximately all sorts of progressive assistive generation. What are your reviews? What disability merchandise are you the usage of which you like? What disability gadget or disability aids could you like to look available on the market? Don’t restriction yourself to what you know. Tell us what you would like to look.

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